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Payroll Information

Payroll Tax Information

An employee may change the way they have their federal, state and local taxes deducted at any time.  You can find what you are currently claiming on your deposit advice in the Filing Status section.  Tax forms may be found on the website or in the administration office.  Make sure you have filled in all of the necessary blanks before sending to the payroll department.

Form W-4
Form WH-4
Form I-9

Direct Deposit Information

All employees’ pay will be direct deposited.  When starting a direct deposit, please be sure to include a voided check or something from your bank with the proper routing number and your checking/savings account number(s).  You may have your check divided between several different accounts and/or banks.  Whenever you wish to make a change you will need to fill out a new form with the new information.  If you are changing banks, you should again, include a voided check or something from your bank.  Forms may be found on the website or at the administration office.  If you fill out the form, you are responsible for the correct numbers.  Please remember, we do not know when you close an account or change banks unless we are notified.  Please provide this information as soon as possible to the payroll department once changes are made.

Direct Deposit Form