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Claims Procedures

Vendors and Purchase Orders
You must have a preapproved purchase order when purchasing any supplies, products, services, or registrations from an outside vendor.  All purchase orders should be cleared by your Building Principal before sending to Central Office.  All P.O.s must have a Principal’s signature on them to be processed.  The secretary will type or enter the purchase orders as needed.  Please check with your building secretary as to the procedure for checking in ordered items and payment of the invoice.  Any questions should be directed to your building secretary or corporation treasurer.  Capital Project Fund orders must be approved by the Superintendent before they are processed.

Please click here for a Purchase Order Form.

Travel Expense Vouchers and Personal Reimbursements
The “Accounts Payable Voucher” form is to be used for reimbursements of travel expenses (except mileage) incurred at a professional meeting or seminars.  The form/claim must be turned in by the due date listed in order to make the Board Meeting.  Please include the following:  date and place of meeting, original receipts for lodging, meals (all meal receipts must be detailed – listing out: salad, tea, etc.), and parking.  Please remember the amounts for reimbursement according to board policy are ($5, $10 and $15).  Please sign where indicated and send to Central Office for coding and approval.  To be reimbursed for preapproved items that you have purchased, fill out an “Accounts Payable Voucher” form.  Have your principal sign it and code it with the appropriate account number.  Then send it to Central Office for payment.  A detailed receipt must be attached for any purchase you wish to be reimbursed for by the due date in order to make the Board Meeting.  Sales tax will not be reimbursed, since we are tax-exempt.  If you need a tax-exempt certificate prior to purchasing items, please contact Christine Orr (ext. 5266) in Central Office.

Please click here for an Accounts Payable Voucher Form.

A school vehicle should be requested for any travel.  If a personal vehicle must be used, instructions are as follows:  If you travel related to school business, please use the “Mileage Claim” forms specifically for this purpose.  The following information should be included:  dates of travel, starting and ending odometer readings or MapQuest printout, and places traveled to and from.  Please sign and send to your building secretary for approval.  These forms should be submitted by the due date.

Please click here for Mileage Claim Form