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PHCSC Transportation Department
Gaylon Wisel II - SRO/Transportation Director
(260) 351-2507  (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
Bus Pass Procedure
Bus passes may be obtained at any time throughout the school year so that students may get on/off at different stops or ride buses other than their assigned bus. HOWEVER, there are procedures for bus passes which must be followed as outlined below:
  • Please use the school form for bus passes as this will help you list the pertinent data that we need in order to issue a bus pass to the student. (These forms were sent to you in the mail with your bus information. Also, you may pick up these forms at each school office.)
  • We prefer bus passes be in written form. The bus pass MUST include:
    • Student’s Name & Grade
    • Date
    • If riding with another student, that student’s name.
    • The bus number of the bus the student needs to ride; or the change of stop at which the student needs to get on/off.
    • Parent / Guardian’s signature
Students must bring bus notes to the office as soon as they arrive at school.

Please remember to allow ten (10) minutes either way from your child's pick-up or drop-off times.  Schedules vary depending on students riding or not.  If you have any questions, please call the transportation department.

Bus Drivers

Rhonda Bartlett - Bus 8
Barb Beechy - Bus 36
Brenda Berry - Bus 28
Kathy Carpenter - Bus 1
Rhonda Clayton - Bus 22
Jody Dyer - Bus 7
Monica Elliott - Bus 40
Kim Friend - Bus 2
Kristina Friend - Bus 23
Carla Gappinger - Bus 14
Taneeka Hagewood – Bus 24
Liz Haviland - Bus 32
Renee Herber - Bus 21
Dennis Hieber - Bus 30
Tabby Kain - Bus 3
Mike Kurtz - Bus 41
Laurie Marsonek – Bus 34
Melinda Penick - Bus 15
Charlene Perkins - Bus 39
Barbie Schlegel - Bus 10
Lila Smith - Bus 12
Julie Thompson - Bus 6
Kelly Tons - Bus 25

Lori VanWagner - Impact Bus
Kathy Randol - Impact Bus
    • District Office

      Prairie Heights School Corporation
      Jeff Reed, Superintendent
      305 S 1150 E
      LaGrange, IN 46761

      Voice: 260-351-3214
      Fax: 260-351-3614

      High School

      Prairie Heights High School
      245 S 1150 E
      LaGrange, IN 46761

      Voice: 260-351-3214
      Fax: 260-351-3848

      Jeremy Swander, Principal
      Damon Witherspoon, Asst. Principal

      Middle School

      Prairie Heights Middle School
      395 S 1150 E
      LaGrange, IN 46761

      Voice: 260-351-3214
      Fax: 260-351-2182

      Andy Arndt, Principal
      Brad Jones, Asst.Principal
    • Elementary

      Prairie Heights Elementary School
      455 S 1150 E
      LaGrange, IN 46761

      Voice: 260-351-3214
      Fax: 260-351-2182

      Alecia Pfefferkorn, Principal


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      District AIMS

      High Achievement
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      Accountability & Assessment
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