Middle School Hours: 8:10 am - 3:20 pm
School is Closed
Name Position Phone
Allen, Kerri 5th Grade Reading Teacher 260-351-3214 x6905
Arndt, Andy MS Principal 260-351-3214 x6500
Bigelow, Justin 6th Grade Math 260-351-3214 x6601
Bigelow, Nicole 6th Grade English 260-351-3214 x6605
Bird, Tricia 7th Grade Math Teacher 260-351-3214 x6612
Bolinger, Sarah School Psychologist 260-351-3214 x6555
Bremer, Alice PH Tech 260-351-3214 x4601
Ceaglske, MaryAnn 7th Grade English Teacher 260-351-3214 x6611
Clark, Jodie Assistant Principal/Athletic Director 260-351-3214 x6510
Decker, Zachery 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher 260-351-3214 x6802
Dilts, Jamie 5th/6th Special Education Teacher/Reading Intervention Teacher 260-351-3214 x6908
Eash, Brittany MS Secretary/Transportation 260-351-3214 x6540
Fuleki, Heather 7th Grade Science 260-351-3214 x6705
Graves, Erin Instructional Assistant 260-351-3214
Grote, Natalie Speech Language Pathologist 260-351-3214 x6501
Gutierrez, Mairyn ELL IA 260-351-3214 x 6702
Hall, Allison 6th Grade Reading Teacher 260-351-3214 x6604
Hart, Brittany 5th/6th LD Instructional Assistant 260-351-3214 x6908
Heemstra, Caleb MS/HS Choir/Music Teacher 260-351-3214 x6814
Hinkle, Twylla 8th Grade Science 260-351-3214 x6708
Holden, Jennifer MS School Counselor 260-351-3214 x6620
Howe, Barb Treasurer 260-351-3214 x6550
Kain, Tabby ED Instructional Assistant 260-351-3214 x6902
Keister, Nina ENL 260-351-3214 x6702
Lash, Amy Nurse 260-351-3214 x2570
Lauer, John Art Teacher/Intervention 260-351-3214 x6818
Leu, Ben 7th/8th Grade AG Teacher 260-351-3214 x6111
Lucas, Dustin 6th Grade Science Teacher 260-351-3214 x6602
Maillard, Jackie 8th Grade English Teacher 260-351-3214 x6704
Matthews, Jerry 6th/8th P.E./Health Teacher 260-351-3214 x6817
McCormick, Patty 5th Grade EnglishTeacher 260-351-3214 x6906
McCrea, Sheila 8th History Teacher 260-351-3214 x6701
Moore, Amy 7th Grade Reading 260-351-3214 x6606
Nichols, Becca 7th/8th Special Ed Teacher 260-351-3214 x6609
Nichols, Julie 5th Grade Social Studies Teacher 260-351-3214 x6904
Parsons, Steve 5th-8th Health/PE Teacher 260-351-3214 x6817
Pettibone, Charlie Substitute Teacher 260-351-3214
Potter, Crystal 5th/6th LD Instructional Assistant 260-351-3214 x6705
Ray, Kathy 5th grade science 260-351-3214 x6907
Rees, Avery 8th Grade Reading 260-351-3214 x6803
Roberts, Michelle Middle School Librarian Assistant 260-351-3214 x6640
Savage, Kayli 6th/7th/8th Grade Band Teacher 260-351-3214 x6812
Scheidler, Andy Technology Director 260-351-3214 x4600
Schuette, Kristy 5th/6th LD Instructional Assistant 260-351-3214
Spieth, Kelly ED Instructional Assistant 260-351-3214 x6902
Staton, Shanan ED Instructional Assistant 260-351-3214 x6902
Travis, Becky FACS Teacher 260-351-3214 x6826
Travis, Mike 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher 260-351-3214 x6608
Tubbs, Brent 8th Grade Math/Pre-algebra/Algebra Teacher 260-351-3214 x6709
Vaillancourt, Meagan Attendance Secretary 260-351-3214 x2540
Weiss, Erinn 5th grade math teacher 260-351-3214 x6903
Winkle, Jill ISS Supervisor 260-351-3214 x6814
Wolheter, Cassidy ED Teacher 260-351-3214 x6901
Wylie, Melissa ED Instructional Assistant 260-351-3214 x6901


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District AIMS

High Achievement
Safe, Caring Environment
Accountability & Assessment
Effective Use of Resources


To report your child's attendance please contact:
PHES 260-351-2039 by 8:30 a.m.
PHMS 260-351-2377 by 8:30 a.m.
PHHS 260-351-2154 by 8:30 a.m.
Please leave a message if no answer.


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