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School Delays and Closings

How can parents and students be informed about school delays or cancellations?

The superintendent, Mr. Jeff Reed, and his staff will evaluate weather and road conditions prior to 6:00 a.m. All stations announce weather delays and cancellations on a regular basis. Parents and students are urged to listen or watch the following stations for weather and school announcements when inclement weather conditions exist:
WLKI - 100.3 FM
WTHD - 105.5
WAJI - 95.1
WBCL – 90.3
WPTA - ABC - 21
WANE - CBS - 15
WNDU - NBC -16

Parents and students are asked NOT to call the stations, the schools, or the administrators. At times certain radio or TV stations may not accept the calls for delay information; therefore, it is recommended that you try a different radio or TV station to double-check for delay information.
What is the responsibility of the parent/guardian when there is a delayed school opening?

The parents/guardians are the final judge of whether their child will be in attendance when there is a delay. Under these conditions school will be in session, parents/guardians must use his best judgment in determining whether their child will attend school. In the delayed opening of school, parents should make arrangement to have children cared for until the bus has run. Parents/guardians must also realize that if school officials feel that it is not possible to open school, even after a delay is called, school will then be closed. Provisions must be made by the parents/guardians to have children taken care of should this happen.
How will Prairie Heights CSC deal with the student who is absent on a day when the opening of school is delayed, but not cancelled?

The student will be counted absent for student accounting purposes. The parent/guardian needs to call the school to verify that the student will be absent. The principal of each building will decide if this absence is excused.
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