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1   Link   Amazing Space Web-Based Activities
Amazing Space is a set of web-based activities primarily designed for classroom use, but made available for all to enjoy. Be brave and take the Astronaut Challenge, find out the truth about Black Holes, or sign up for the Hubble Deep Field Academy. A
2   Link   Astronomy Cafe
do you like learning about space? If so, make sure you visit this site where answers have been posted to over 3000 questions. Subjects include: Black Holes, Satellites, the Planets, Strange Sightings, and Science Fair Projects. This is only the be
3   Link   The Best of the Hubble Space Telescope
If you are looking for images of space, then you should try this site. The images on this site are from the Hubble Space Telescope. They are always updating the links so there are fresh images.
4   Link   An Inquirer's Guide to the Universe
If your students are interested in the universe (or even if they don't know that they're interested in the universe), point them to this excellent site. It is devoted to space, science fact and fiction, and writing about space (students can post writ
5   Link   Ask Dr. Science
Ask Dr. Science is a humorous, yet not quite scientific site where Dr. Science answers your science questions, such as why doesn't a boiled egg turn vaporous.
6   Link   Ask Science Questions
This site provides links to other sites where you can send in wuestions to be answered by scientists. Included is everything from Ask an Antarctic Expert to Ask a Volcanologist.
7   Link   Batting Cage
Fun and interesting way to learn physics. Divided into three levels of difficulty. Explains in plain English the laws of physics and terms such as velocity, grade, and gravity.
8   Link   Bill Nye, the Science Guy
A good science site, if somewhat slow to load at times, that uses Flash to offer interactive daily activities and questions of the week as well as information on the television show.
9   Link   Biology Project
An online interactive resource for learning biology. Covers biochemistry, cell biology, chemicals & human health, developmental biology, human biology, immunology, genetics and molecular biology.
10   Link   Brain Pop
Brain Pop presents hundreds of interactive lessons in health, technology, and science. This site is very colorful and uses great Shockwave movies.
11   Link   Bugs in the News!
Bugs in the News, by Jack Brown at the University of Kansas, spotlights bugs that have made the news for good or bad. Most of the site is comprised of well-written articles probably best-suited for at least high school students.
12   Link   Composting in Schools
This website from Cornell gives you all the information you'll need to start your own compost project, either indoors or outside, and how you teach about waste management and other subjects.
13   Link   Cool Science for Curious Kids
Presented by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, this "cool science" site helps students explore the biology of plants and animals. Includes instructions on making science projects and even hints for parents.
14   Link   Dinosoauria
This site features an excellent gallery of dinosaur images. The text is more suited for high school students, but elementary school students will love the pictures.
15   Link   Dinosauricon
There's a lot of information on dinosaurs here, enough to keep any student busy for a long time. The site offers a genus list that offers a complete list of all dinosaurs, a large art gallery, dinosaurs by continent, and, of course, a list of related
16   Link   Electronic Zoo
This is a large repository of animal information. The Zoo is organized by animal, and clicking on an animal gives you a long list of links to related sites on the Web. Also featured are veterinary information and animal organization information.
17   Link   Elementary Science Support Center
From the Purdue University School of Education. The site includes a list of classroom activities, reviews of science literature and software, and useful science links.
18   Link   Exploratorium
Another excellent science-based site, it has plenty of Science Explorer activities for students, including light and shadows and a virtual cow's eye dissection lesson. New activities are updated often.
19   Link   Explore Zone
The Explore Zone offers science news site, focusing on the Earth, Space, and Weather sciences. There are some excellent questions and answer pages and some great links to sites that offer, for example, space weather forecasts.
20   Link   Explorer
A search for Math and Science instructional software, lesson plans, student created materials, and more. Instead of searching, you can also browse for either Math or Natural Science curriculum materials.
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