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PHCSC Transportation Department
Gaylon Wisel II - SRO/Transportation Director
(260) 351-2507  ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )
Bus Pass Procedure
Bus passes may be obtained at any time throughout the school year so that students may get on/off at different stops or ride buses other than their assigned bus. HOWEVER, there are procedures for bus passes which must be followed as outlined below:
  • Please use the school form for bus passes as this will help you list the pertinent data that we need in order to issue a bus pass to the student. (These forms were sent to you in the mail with your bus information. Also, you may pick up these forms at each school office.)
  • We prefer bus passes be in written form. The bus pass MUST include:
    • Student’s Name & Grade
    • Date
    • If riding with another student, that student’s name.
    • The bus number of the bus the student needs to ride; or the change of stop at which the student needs to get on/off.
    • Parent / Guardian’s signature
Students must bring bus notes to the office as soon as they arrive at school.

Please remember to allow ten (10) minutes either way from your child's pick-up or drop-off times.  Schedules vary depending on students riding or not.  If you have any questions, please call the transportation department.

Bus Drivers

Rhonda Bartlett - Bus 8
Barb Beechy - Bus 40
Brenda Berry - Bus 28
Jeff Berry - Bus 39
Kathy Carpenter - Bus 1
Rhonda Clayton - Bus 22
Gary Dawe - Bus 23
Joe Dorton - Bus 10
Jody Dyer - Bus 7
Kim Friend - Bus 2
Carla Gappinger - Bus 14
Taneeka Hagewood – Bus 24
Liz Haviland - Bus 32
Renee Herber - Bus 21
Tabby Kain - Bus 3
Mike Kurtz - Bus 41
Laurie Marsonek – Bus 34
Melinda Penick - Bus 15
Kris Shelton - Bus 30
Lila Smith - Bus 12
Julie Thompson - Bus 6
Kelly Tons - Bus 25

Kathy Randol - Impact Bus

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