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Bus Riding

Prairie Heights Community School Corporation
Transportation Department
“Riding a school bus is a privilege, not a right.”

Parent Information
Bus Passes

Bus passes may be obtained at any time throughout the school year so that students may get on/off at different stops or ride buses other than their assigned bus. HOWEVER, there are procedures for bus passes which must be followed as outlined below:
  • We prefer that bus passes be in written form. The bus pass MUST include:
    • Student’s Name
    • Sutdent's Grade & Teacher
    • Date
    • If riding with another student, that student’s name.
    • The bus number of the bus the student needs to ride.
    • Parent / Guardian’s signature
Students must bring bus notes to the office as soon as they arrive at school.  Drivers will not take a hand written note as a bus pass.  If the student hands the driver a note the student will be sent back into the school building for a pass. 
Drop off information
It is imperative that someone be at home to receive a K-1 student as we do not drop these children off to an empty house. After determining that no one is present to receive the student, the bus driver will radio the Office and inform the office and they will try to contact a parent or caregiver.  If there are other students on the bus, the driver may complete the route and return to the student’s address. If there is still no one present to receive the student, the student will be brought to the office at the Elementary/Middle School. Parents or caregivers must pick up the student at this location AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. If it is time for the staff to leave, the Department of Child Protective Services and the police will be called to pick the student up. If this situation occurs more than twice, you will be responsible for picking up your student at school only.
Instruments and Sports Gear
The school bus is designed to only transport individuals as there is no place to stow extra gear. The school bus driver shall not transport dangerous materials or items that cannot be held by the student. Animals and large stuffed animals are not allowed on the bus.
Band instruments that will be allowed on the bus are those that are small enough to be held in the student’s lap. Instruments may not be in the aisle or take the space of a student.
Sports equipment such as golf clubs and other large equipment will not be allowed on regular buses. Equipment that can be ENCLOSED in an athletic-type canvas bag may be allowed. Again, this canvas bag must be able to be held by the student and not block any exits or windows.

Cell phone use on the bus is prohibited.
Personal Objects

Damage to personal items is not covered by the district’s insurance coverage and is brought onboard a bus at your own personal risk. These items include electronic devices, cell phones, collector cards, etc. Laser pointers are never allowed on the bus and will be confiscated and kept by the Transportation Department.
Damage to School Buses
If it is determined that your student has damaged a bus seat or other part of the school bus, restitution must be made. Your student will not be allowed to ride the school bus until restitution is paid to the Transportation Department.